"Paradise Misplaced"

Leaving it all behind to move to a remote island in the South Pacific is an idea that wisps through the minds of many of us on occasion.  But due to hubris and lack of imagination, Alex Sheshunoff actually did it.  This is that story: the story of a young man who gives up a good life in search of an even better one.

Having spent five years in a relationship, city, and job he didn’t want to be in, Alex was ready to learn from the experience of others.  So he gathered a hundred books and bought a one-way ticket to Yap. The goal: to find a place and the right books to help him discover what is actually important in life.

Of course, he learns that reading and coconuts have very little to do with happiness - all he really returns with are the six life lessons he scribbled in the margins of the same ticket sleeve he left Newark with.  But to learn those, he would need the help of two years, six islands, and his hundred books.  Those and the woman of his dreams.

From tying a loin cloth to building a house on an outer island with fourteen friends, this humorous, how-to-fantasy book will either inspire you to move to your own paradise in the Pacific or confirm that staying at home was the best choice all along.  Either way, you will discover what to expect – and what books to bring along - if you too decide to give it all up and move to the South Pacific. 

Not The Sharpest Tool...Alex Sheshunoff
Alex Sheshunoff | 515 N. St #3 Anchorage AK 99501 | sheshunoff@yahoo.com
Alex Sheshunoff | 515 N. St #3 Anchorage AK 99501 | sheshunoff@yahoo.com